Zoic: A Series of Random Haikus About Life:


(Photo: Simon Velazquez/Deviant Art)

David Vu

Stressed out about school:

Impossible tests

And failing grades causes me

To feel like nothing


Hanging out with friends:

Laughing about stuff

Being together makes me 

Feel not so lonely 


Traveling the world:

With ticket in hand

And a thirst for adventure

Next stop: everywhere


Seeing your crush:

Across the hallway

With a beautiful smile

But too scared to talk


Spending time with family:

Sometimes annoying

Sometimes crazy but I would

Never want to change


Watching horror movies:
Blood and gore flying

People are dying but I

Am fascinated


Sleeping and dreaming:

Lying down in bed

Eyes close and I start to drift

What will I see now?


Listening to music:

Headphones come on and

I turn the volume up high

To find my solace


At the crossroads:

Two diverging paths

Possibilities endless

Which one should I choose?


Chasing your dreams:

It may be hard now

And the road may be rocky

But they do come true