Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: Season 2 Review


(Photo: Amazon Studios)

Musa Jabbour

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, an original series on Amazon Prime, is about Jack Ryan, an analyst who is given the opportunity to be a part of a task force that brings down terrorists and later reveals the truth behind the Venezuelan government. In this article, I will be reviewing the second season of Jack Ryan.

(Photo: Amazon Studios)

In order to proceed with this review, just know that there are going to be some spoilers and strong opinions on a “delicate” subject, so I would suggest that if you want to watch this show spoiler-free,stop reading this article and come back once you’ve watched the show for yourself. Now that I’ve warned you, let’s continue on.

The first season was compelling and captivating. Part of this was because of John Krasinski’s leading performance as Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst who leaves his desk to go and fight terrorists in the Middle East. Ever since it was announced that it was going to be renewed for a second season, fans were excited because they had no doubt that the second season wouldn’t live up to the first. Unfortunately, it let down Jack Ryan supporters everywhere, with many fans questioning why the second season was such a disappointment.

The second season mostly took place in the Venezuelan jungle. Jack Ryan’s task was to reveal the truth behind the corrupt government of Venezuela. However, the characters were not as developed as they had been the previous season, and it seemed like there was no emotional connection between the characters and their actors. Although Jack Ryan was played by the same actor, John Krasinski, he had a completely different personality from season one. He went from being a nice, genuine character to someone who seeks vengeance for his friend’s death and was willing to put everything on the line and even break the law to achieve this. The plot itself was also slow-progressing, contrasting with the mysterious and nerve-racking first season. Although the second season lacks mystery, Jack Ryan does provide a good job of providing humor and romance.

Do I recommend this show? Yes. Even though the second season had its flaws, it did a good job of portraying the reality of Venezuela’s government. For instance, they show how the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Reyes (played by Jordi Molla), manipulates the election in order to make Venezuelan citizens think that he had won another term. This is actually reflected in real world Venezuela, where the people there haven’t had the chance for a fair election in the past six years.

Overall, I think that Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is a great show to watch, because not only does it provide entertainment and something good to watch during your free time, but it also does a great job of talking about and bringing more attention to problems in the real world. So if you ever decide to watch Jack Ryan, I assure that in the end it will surprise you who turns out to be the bad guy.