Zoic: Holiday Haikus


(Photo By: Stockphoto.com)

David Vu

Snowing outside:

White flakes are falling

The temperature is dropping

Winter is now here


Family dinner during the holidays:

A feast is spread out

Jokes and laughter fills the air

Food savors in mouth


Writing letters to Santa:

Paper and pencil

Listing the good deeds I’ve done

And the things I want


Christmas Eve:

It’s nearly bedtime

Cookies and milk are laid out

Santa is coming


Christmas morning:

Waking up early

Rushing down the stairs to find

A surfeit of gifts


Opening up presents:

Chooses one of them

Wrapping paper goes flying

It’s the perfect gift


Ice skating:

Scooting on the ice

Starts to feel like secondhand

But then you fall down


Snowball fights:

Snowballs are flying

Safe behind our barricades

How will this war end?


Hot chocolate:

The mug warms my hands

Marshmallows start to swirl in

A sea of cocoa


Sitting by the fireplace: 

The fire is ablaze

The room flourishes with warmth

Feeling quite cozy