Centreville Wildcats Defeat Westfield Bulldogs in Varsity Basketball


(Photo by: Will Palenscar/Connection Newspapers)

Ansh Suchdeve

The Centreville Wildcats defeated the Westfield Bulldogs in varsity high school basketball action by a score of 68-56 on January 14th, 2020. Ultimately, the deciding factor of the game was Centreville’s ability to score at an efficient rate in the 3rd quarter, as they tallied 20 points (based on the team scoring averages from MaxPreps), and held the Bulldogs to just 11 points in the final quarter of play. Though Centreville got the best of Westfield in this matchup, these two teams are scheduled to meet again on January 31st, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. at Centreville High School in Clifton, Virginia.

(Photo by: Will Palenscar/Connection Newspapers)

Overall, as of January 22nd, 2020, Centreville holds a 10-3 record, as opposed to Westfield’s 5-11 record through the season. In addition, Centreville has had an astounding points for of 778, when compared to their points against at 652. This proves that the Wildcats have played proficient defense through the season, and plan to continue doing so in the postseason, if they clinch a seed in the tournament. On the other side, Westfield has had a points for of 818, opposing a 895 points against which was clear when Centreville scored a remarkable 68 points through last Tuesday’s contest.

(Photo by: Tom O’Brien/Zenfolio)

Nationally, the Wildcats are ranked 1,559th, 35th within the state, and 7th in their respective division. On the other side, Westfield is ranked 8,518th, 197 within the state, and 38th in their respective division. Moreover, Centreville has played efficient basketball this season, as they have picked up key wins against Patriot High School by a score of 58-44, who are ranked 51st in the state, which was clearly a key win in terms of ranking the high school basketball teams across the state of Virginia. In addition, the Wildcats also defeated the Fairfax High School basketball team by a score of 52-49 earlier in the season, which was another key win as Fairfax currently stands at an 11-4 overall record and 85th in the state. Barring any upsets, the Centreville Wildcats will have put together a remarkable basketball season in terms of the varsity team, and are destined to make a run at the state championship this season, if given a playoff spot.