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Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Union

Bianka Balcazar
November 4, 2020

Pope Francis said in the documentary that was published on October 22 of 2020, named “Francesco”, that homosexual people are “Children of God” and that they have the right to be in a family. The...

Students receive award at Cappies ceremony (photo: John Smith)

Virginia’s Plan to Gradually Reopen

Natalie, Kees
May 7, 2020

At Governor Northam’s briefing on May 4th, he announced that the state of Virginia would be entering "Phase 1" of the plan to reopen Virginia on Friday, May 15th. This caused a mixed reaction with Virginians--...

Sexual Assault/Rape

Sexual Assault/Rape

Huda Khan
March 9, 2020

Eight out of every 10 rapes are committed by someone the victim knows. There is an alarming rate of sexual assaults occurring around the world. Reports of sexual assaults in schools are also growing in...

By Scottie Andrew, CNN

The Memorial for Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Bianka Balcazar
March 2, 2020

On February 24th, there was a memorial for Kobe and Gianna Bryant at Los Angeles in Staples Center. There were tears and laughter filling up the Staples Center as close friends and family members went...

(Photo: Marvid)

Spoofed Emails: What They Are and How to Detect Them

William Rantis
February 4, 2020

Scamming through email has been done since email became popular in the 1980s when the service began to be adapted for public use. But while most people tend to think that they would know to disregard an...

Picture courtesy of  Blythe Merritt

Water Chestnuts in Northern Virginia

William Rantis
December 3, 2019

On November 15, a meeting was held at Twin Lakes Golf Course concerning the alarming growth of an invasive species in Virginia. This meeting was convened to deal with a specific problem: the growth of...

The Reality of School Shootings Hits Close to Home

The Reality of School Shootings Hits Close to Home

Huda Khan
December 3, 2019

On Thursday November 14, 2019 at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, there was a shooting that resulted in two dead and three injured. The gunman, Nathaniel Berhow, attacked on his 16th birthday....

(Photo: W.T. Woodson High School)

Cappies Review: W.T. Woodson High School’s Letters to Sala

Jamie Jeong and Makayla Parker
November 14, 2019

Review by Jamie Jeong Two generations may think of the word camp differently while modern families imagine summer camps with friends and s mores, an older generation may recall memories of World War...

(Photo: Oakton High School Theatre Arts Department/Graphically designed by Fatima Rafie and Monica Kwon)

Cappies Review: Oakton High School’s Men on Boats

Jamie Jeong and Caroline Jareb
November 14, 2019

Review by Jamie Jeong The Grand Canyon is a historical landmark that everyone is familiar with; however, most do not know who to accredit for discovering the chasm. Oakton High School's production of...

40th District Delegate Candidates Interview

40th District Delegate Candidates Interview

Mike Chu, Co-Editor-in-Chief
October 17, 2019

During these past few weeks, the Centreville Sentinel conducted a series of interviews with the Republican and Democratic candidates for the 40th district delegate of Virginia. In the interview, both candidates...

( Photo by: Erika Alvero)

The Differing Approaches to School Safety

Will Rantis
October 2, 2019

As school shootings have become more of a debated issue in America, the safety of schools has been called into question. School students themselves are worried about going to school. Gavin Hoedl, a student...

(Photo: Stephen B. Morton/ AP)

Final Four Crewman Rescued from the Golden Ray

Natalie Kees
September 18, 2019

Earlier last week, the U.S. Coast Guard rescued the final four trapped crewmen from the Golden Ray, a Korean cargo ship that had capsized. The ship turned along the Georgia coast last Sunday morning, where...

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