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Sophia Etka, Staff Contributor

Sophia Etka is a Sophomore at Centreville High and is in her first year of Journalism. She is taking Journalism because she wants to research and relay the hidden truths of the world to readers. She finds joy in spending time outside in nature, camping and hiking. In the future, Sophia see herself as a journalist living in the outskirts of Warrenton Virginia.

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Anxiety vs Anxiety Disorders

March 15, 2022

Anxiety is a feeling we all struggle with. Nobody can deny that. It’s something that everyone has felt before, and it’s a complex feeling. The eagerness of something great. The worry of something horrible....

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OPINION: Gender Equality In Schools And Society

October 28, 2021

Doesn’t everyone deserve to be feeling safe and comfortable in a school setting? The feeling of safety and comfort in a school environment, setting brilliant minds up for the future. Some minds will...

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The Misconceptions About Pitbulls

October 22, 2021

In the early 1800s, dogs were both companions and employees. Some of these breeds are Labrador Retrievers, who were bred for fishing and keeping fisherman company while out on the water. Siberian Huskies...

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Sophia Etka