Hurricane Ida

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Zakary Robinette

Millions of people are being affected by Hurricane Ida, many people are losing power, their homes, and their lives.

Louisiana was just hit by Hurricane Ida, rivers, lakes, and streets are being flooded by the excessive amount of rain, people are struggling to survive on rations of food and clean water. While evacuations are in progress, along with rescue teams trying to get as many people out as possible, many are still waiting for help. The amount of flooding and destruction caused by Ida is causing people to lose their lives, leaving friends and family even more traumatized by this disaster.

“I can’t tell you when the power is going to be restored. I can’t tell you when all the debris is going to be cleaned up and repairs made”. – Gov. John Bel Edwards

“We are coordinating with state and local officials every step of the way”. – Joe Biden

Due to the flooding and destruction, eighteen clean water systems have been put offline, causing people in certain parts of Louisiana to have very little clean water, which is affecting more than 300,000 people. Many people are unable to get food and survive. Ida has caused around $95 billion in damage, and the known death toll is 82, there could be more that have not been found yet. Around 25,000 utility workers are trying to restore power to homes and businesses that need it the most. “We’re going to push Energy to restore power just as soon as they can.” – Gov. John Bel Edwards

Hospitals across the East Coast are flooded with new patients seeking medical attention and shelter. The Louisiana governor’s office is starting to move survivors into hotels so they will be able to keep their distance to reduce the chance of getting COVID.

There is some good news during this event, Hurricane Ida has started to downgrade to a tropical depression, but the rain hasn’t stopped, while Louisiana is getting around 16 inches of rainfall, people are still trapped and waiting to be rescued. Some will have to wait to be helped because of blocked roads and no cell service to call for help. The rain is affecting people across the east coast with flash flooding warnings, and some loss of power outside of Louisiana.

When this is all over, it will take some time to clean up the mess left behind by Ida, but it will have to be done. Money, clothing, and food is being donated to help survivors and to help aid the workers saving lives. Hopefully all this will be over soon.