Screenshot from Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuels livestream on the day he was attacked

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Attacked

Kevin Han
May 21, 2024

On April 15th, 2024, a BIshop in Christ the Good Shepherd Church was attacked by a Muslim teen.  Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, a bishop that became famous on online platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and...

Iran Launches More Than 200 Drones and Missiles at Israel; Biden Condemns Attack

Iran Launches More Than 200 Drones and Missiles at Israel; Biden Condemns Attack

Jack Brillantine
April 30, 2024

Iran launched hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles that’s goal was to test Israel's air defenses in the April 13th attack — the first on Israel since Saddam Hussein launched Scud...


Abuse of Disability Access at Disney Results in Some Rule Changes

Elsa Spahiu Curri
April 26, 2024

Recently the Disney World rules has been changing due to the misuse of disability access. Many people over the last five years have been using this access to their advantage to receive “special” treatment...

Car after airstrike

Bodies of 6 Foreign Aid Workers From Israeli Strikes are Transported Out of Gaza

Elsa Spahiu Curri
April 22, 2024

Six bodies of foreign aid workers being transported out of Gaza to Egypt was reported on April 3. The Palestinian driver that transported the bodies was also killed. The bodies were different citizens...

A red building that has partially collapsed

The News and Effects of Taiwan’s Recent Earthquake

Elizabeth Trent
April 22, 2024

Taiwan has recently experienced a 7.4 magnitude earthquake on April 3rd. This being the strongest earthquake Taiwan has experienced in 25 years, at least 13 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured. The...

Israel Strikes World Central Kitchen Aid Convoy; Kills 7

Israel Strikes World Central Kitchen Aid Convoy; Kills 7

Jack Brillantine
April 16, 2024

Israel accidentally struck an aid convoy run by the charity group called World Central Kitchen which was providing necessary aid in Gaza killing seven of its members in the Gaza Strip, setting off international...

International Space Station

Discarded Space trash survives Atmospheric reentry and crashes through a Florida house

Eliza Dean
April 9, 2024

Trash discarded from the International Space Station tears through a man’s house in Florida, almost hitting his son and leaving him shaken. On March 8th, 2:43 PM in Naples, Florida, a piece of space...

Joe Bidens State of The Union: An Analysis

Joe Biden’s State of The Union: An Analysis

Jack Brillantine
March 11, 2024

President Joe Biden delivered a third State of the Union address that could be among the most important speeches he gives during his presidency as the 2024 campaign season kicks off. His list of objectives...

Detroit Pistons forward Kevin Knox II, from left, guard Marcus Sasser, forward Ausar Thompson and forward Bojan Bogdanovic sit on the bench during the fourth quarter of a 118-112 loss to the Brooklyn Nets, an NBA record 27th straight loss, Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2023, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson) Associated Press)

Are the ‘23-’24 Detroit Pistons the Worst Sports Team of All Time?

Ian Greco
January 25, 2024

Twenty-seven. That’s how many games the Detroit Pistons lost consecutively this current NBA season, setting the most consecutive losses in a single season, almost breaking the previous record for most...

Live warning message from Hong Kong asking people to evacuate after massive earthquake.

Tsunami Warning After Massive Earthquake in Japan

Winnie Chen
January 23, 2024

A massive earthquake hit Ishikawa, Japan on New Year’s Day triggering a high-level tsunami alert. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.6, one of the largest earthquakes to happen in Japan after the earthquake...

Selena Gomez Taking Another Social Media Break: ‘I’m Focusing on What Really Matters’

Selena Gomez Says She May Only Have One More Album Left In Her

Carmen Duran
January 23, 2024

Singer-songwriter, actor, and beauty mogul Selena Gomez says she may only have one last album left in her. Her career started in 2002 when she started acting. She acted in early "Barney and Friends" and...

On Mars, the Chinese rover Zhurong found intriguing polygon-like structures buried dozens of meters below its landing site in Utopia Planitia. The forms are reminiscent of similar polygonal patterns on Earth that are carved by ice.

Polygonal terrain discovered under Mars’ surface by the Chinese rover

Eliza Dean
January 2, 2024

November 23 2023, the Chinese National Space Administration reported that its Mars rover, Zhurong, had discovered polygonal terrain under the surface of the Red Planet.  On July 23 2020, China launched...

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