A Member of CVHS Wins 1st Place at National Rocket League Tournament


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Kevin Han

In June of 2021, a member of the Centreville High School Esports team, played in the S8 Rocket League Tournament, which is hosted by Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF), and won 1st place in the National Championship.

Rocket League, a free-to-play soccer game, is a very popular game that was designed and developed by Psyonix. It is a very competitive game where players have to rely on skill and not luck. Rocket League has been adopted as a game of choice for ESport leagues, including EGF, which our CVHS ESports teams competed in. To learn more about Rocket League, click this link to read an article written by Nathan Kim, a previous Journalism student at CVHS.

In the EGFH Season 6 “Spring” Competition, the CVHS team consisting of Ruben “Mr. Sink,” Matthew “Sypver,” and Christian “Leeachu” Cunningham, won First Place in the Regionals and Second Place in the Nationals on June 14, 2020, against Mark T. Sheehan High School’s team known as “Titans Alpha”.

After Season 6, the CVHS ESports team announced that they won’t be participating in the 2020 Fall Season (S7) and 2021 Spring Season (S8) due to Covid. After this news was announced, Leeachu, a senior at CVHS, decided to join the “North Mesquite HS Stallions A” and play in their team for S7 and S8.

In the EGFH Season 8 “Spring” tournament, Christian Cunningham, who goes by “Leeachu” in the game, played with North Mesquite High School and won second place in the Regionals and first place in the Nationals. The National Championships was a best out of 7, with the North Mesquite HS Stallions A (with Leeachu) winning 4, and Summit Hilltoppers (another team) winning 1.

When asked what his style of playing and his mindset is in an interview, Christian replied, “You don’t want to go too sweaty, because then if you lose, you’re gonna get really angry, but you don’t want to be too chill because then you’ll be off your guard.”


Christian “Leeachu” Cunningham, a senior at CVHS