Father Of Suicide Victim: “My Daughters Death Has to Mean Something.”

Bianka Balcazar

The parents of Rosalie Avila, a 13-year-old girl, were left devastated after they found their daughter dead in her bedroom. She committed suicide after being bullied at her middle school in California, after writing an apology note addressed to both of her parents. “She hanged herself after scribbling apology notes to my wife and me for the pain she knew her death caused us,” said her father, Freddie Avila. “The note said ‘I love you mom. I’m sorry mom, that you’re going to find me like this.’ Another note said, ‘Please, don’t post any pictures of me at my funeral.’ Those were her goodbye notes,” Avila told NBC News. “I had no clue that suicide was even close to her mind.” Avila called NBC News, from the hospital, after his daughter was declared brain dead on December 1, 2017.

(Picture: People.com/Courtesy of the Avila Family)

November 28, 2017 is a day Avila says he will never forget. “There was music playing and her door was locked. I knew something was wrong because she wasn’t responding,” Avila said. “My son ended up picking the lock to get in there and all of them went in there just to hear them scream. I ran to the room to see my daughter was hanging on the rope. Everyone was hysterical.” Avila said he gave Rosalie CPR for what seemed like forever. “I was screaming ‘Come on Rose. I love you. Please!’ I was hoping and praying that this isn’t happening, but it’s happening. And it’s horrible.”

Rosalie’s parents lost their daughter to bullying and she hadn’t told them anything about it. The note that Rosalie left behind said, “They’re calling me a whore. They’re telling me that I have herpes. They made fun of my teeth and everything about me. They called me ugly and had me looking into a mirror calling me ‘ugly.’ I believed them.” As the bullying continued, Rosalie began cutting herself. Her parents said that Yucaipa-Calimesa School District officials did nothing to help or protect Rosalie. Her family plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the school district for its “negligence and failure to take appropriate measures to safeguard Rosalie as a victim of bullying and ensure her safety.”

“If she would have said something we would have helped her, like move schools, or talk to the principal of the school. But no, we had to see our baby girl die in such a young age. She wanted to be a lawyer and make the world a better place,” Rosalie’s mother told NBC News. After Rosalie Avila’s death, kids from her school started posting memes about it, creating more pain for the family.The meme consisted of Rosalie’s face cropped on top of another body, saying, “Hey mom, next time don’t tuck me in this,” with Rosalie pointing at a bed. The next picture showed Rosalie pointing at a grave saying, “Tuck me in this.”

This even shows that bullying or harming others can lead and has led to many teenagers taking their own lives. If you or someone you know is being bullied or harmed in any such way, don’t be scared of telling a trusted adult.