Zoic: Physically


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Portrait of beautiful African woman in turban (profile view)

Sydney Brobbey

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It hurts knowing that I can’t see you

Sometimes I wish I never met you

All those times I spent and all those memories I made with you

Tell me, how am I really supposed to forget you?

Tell me how I’m not gonn think about you

Tell me how when our songs play I won’t see you

You really think I’m supposed to forget you?

Forget everything that we been through?

It’s hard knowing that we can’t act like we used to

Play games and act stupid like we used to

Whole time I knew it was supposed to be you

Knew God had a plan for me and you

But I guess it didn’t turn out how it was supposed to

Like how you and me were supposed to be

During the time I thought God wanted me to get close to you

But you know, God had a different plan for me and you

Maybe God wanted me to meet you so that I could learn a thing or two from you

Learn how to make myself a better woman for you

But how am I supposed to when I’m supposed to be doing that for God?

Maybe the whole time His plan was for me never to meet you physically

Maybe He wanted you to be there for me mentally

I want to disagree, but that can’t be

Because I really don’t know all the plans that God has for me

But I promise I think and pray about you every night

Never let a prayer about you skip my mind

I know you’re hustling and you’re on our grind

But know that spiritually, I’m by your side

I wish I got to meet you physically

But maybe that’s just not how it was meant to be

I want to know one thing though: tell me, do you think about me?

I guess I’ll never know what you truly think about me

But know that even if I’m not there physically, then I’m going to be there spiritually