Zoic: Semicolon to Life

Deepika Joshi


We will grow old together and laugh at our crazy memories, you once said..

Your lips on my lips
I feel the warmth pressed against our lips

A love that sailed in between
When my lips were soaked in tears
Your cozy love was my tissue
Oh, how foolish of me to even have believed I felt the breeze..
I close my eyes
The world shuts in silence
I stand in front of my reflection
I see the fierce hurricane hidden beneath
my silence
I am not numb nor frozen, not anymore

I laugh at the hollow shell you pushed me into
I give a quick smile to the hidden thorns your lips held
I smile as I sing the sweetest colors of the rainbow

I rise… as I fly high on a jet of hope
And then I look at the horizon that holds endless life
Oh look,    
                                                                                                 “We” has sunk deep in the river of Nile, I now say…



Today, my heart sinks
When I think of the way I let you treat me
You just walked away
You lied..
When you said I will be right beside..
Look at you living life with laughters as I hold my tears crying in heartache..
Your love coiled up in the dark dark smoke…
For you was it a joke?
Let me tell you,
I hope you never
Ever get to breathe that smoke..

It is painful
As  you were to me
As hunger is to poverty
As thorns are to roses
As poison was to Romeo…

Light to my Wick

She was once like a sunflower

She bloomed the brightest among all the others

she had a simple elegance within her

she would spread the aroma of love and beauty


She slowly withered

she hid from the sun

she forgot who she was

one day..

you walked in

filled with rays pocket full of happiness

bucket full of faith

heart full of acceptance

eyes full of respect

as your ray pulled her closer to you

she bloomed


you made her believe

she had the sun in herself from the start

she never surrendered the sun

she was, is and will always be a SUNflower

Getty Images/iStockphoto