Opinion: Reasoning for a Perpetual Union of the American States and the Nations of Mexico and Canada

Stratis Bohle

Disclaimer: The opinions laid out in this article are by no means those of a reasonable sane person. The practical aspects of diplomacy have been largely ignored, and the author demonstrates a complete disregard for the realities, and nuances, of global politics and geopolitical relations in general. Under no circumstances should the content of this article be taken at face value or given any earnest deliberation whatsoever. 

“Canada acceding to this confederation, and adjoining in the measures of the United States, shall be admitted into, and entitled to all the advantages of this Union” This was the 11th article of the original governing document of the United States, the Articles of Confederation. The proposal of a United American Continent has been around since long before the idea of Manifest Destiny engulfed the nation, and we have expanded substantially from the size of our original 13 colonies. We fought our masters and became the United States of America, yet we shouldn’t have stopped after taking present-day California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, and New Mexico. We gained an option to annex the nation of Mexico after the fall of Mexico City, yet we did not because of our irrational fear of Catholics and those that spoke Spanish. Why should that stop us now? People furiously argue that we should be defending our borders from immigrants. Why should be worry about defending the borders if we could just expand them? I modestly propose a perpetual union between the United States and our immediate neighbors to the north and south. This would eliminate current illegal immigration issues, expand the national economy, and enormously increase the United States’ military capacity.

With this proposed annexation of Mexico, there would be a Custom and Border Patrol that has to cover only 697 miles compared to the nearly 2000 miles we currently have to maintain. In the modern United States, the only indication of a state border is a sign saying “Welcome to Virginia, RADAR DETECTORS ILLEGAL”. On the other hand, the national border is heavily fortified compared to a state border, and even further since 9/11 when the fear and danger of terrorism was so high, but we have experienced no instance of terrorism from Canada and Mexico. Nevertheless, there is nothing as being too cautious. We have blocked off old towns which were formed during the colonial age and separated due to the revolution. We could completely reduce the cost and size of the Custom and Border Patrol Agency with the removal of the Canadian border and absorb their entities to police their ports. With nearly half of all Mexican Immigrants being in the United States as unauthorized immigrants, as the Pew Research Center reported, the absorption of their state and national governments would allow for the enhancement of the new Mexican States. By having the Federal government control these new territories initially, it would allow the federal government to reallocate raw resources for the betterment of the economy.

Within Canada consists of an estimated 171 Billion barrels of untapped oil, 3rd in the world behind Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. This would allow for the New United States to compete with OPEC and allow for us to abandon the Saudi as an ally. With their Uranium reserves and timber reserves, there would be little needed from other countries and allow for the expansion of the United States’ nuclear arsenal. With the expansion of America, we would further our lead as the largest economy in the world and become the undisputed superpower unseen since the fall of the British Empire.

With Canada’s stockpiles of uranium and being a nuclear power, along with both junior partners maintaining large militaries, the expansion of the military would be unparalleled. The control of the Pacific and Atlantic from the Arctic Circle to past Cuba would grant a much-needed power to dominate trade within The Americas and uphold the Monroe Doctrine. Without the need for National emergencies on our southern border, all that would be needed of our military is one of the force projections similar to North Korea, which possesses the largest standing army in the world, beating China, Russia, and the United States. With the 68,000 active forces in Canada, according to the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Mexican Armed Forces possessing roughly 700,000 actives with 300,000 in the reserves, the United States Armed Forces would result in combined armed forces of 3,237,000 men, practically doubling the currently active militants. This would allow the New United States to levy its power and might to expand American Power beyond this single continent. By building up such a power, the New United States is to be the superpower and oversee potentially numerous nations similar to that of the Soviet Unions satellite states. 

The power and might of this New United States would allow for a potentially self-reliant nation, almost keeping in with Napoleon’s ideas of the Continental system, no need for foreign trade and influence just American. This would result in a new age where we finally take up our big stick once again and speak. Contact and call, write letters even to your state and federal representatives, both Senate and Representatives. Make it be known that you require this nation to grow and succeed.