Former Afghan TV Presenter Murdered

Huda Khan

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(Photo: ICHR)

Mina Mangal, a former television presenter, was shot dead in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday, May 11th, 2019.

Afghan politicians and women’s rights activists are demanding justice, wondering how she could have been shot in broad daylight. The Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah, vowed that the killers would be caught. The motive, according to sources, is most likely a family dispute.

Ms. Mangal was going to work, as an adviser for the Afghan parliament’s cultural affairs commission stated, when she was shot around 7:20 p.m. Civil society groups which include the Commission into Violence Against Women and Afghanistan’s supreme court are taking the investigation very seriously.

Ms. Mangal had posted on Facebook about threats that she was getting and how she feared for her life. She and her husband separated about two years ago, and her family filed a complaint against him for domestic violence. The case was first sent to a family violence court, but then it was dropped due to criticism from the Mangal family. According to the BBC, Ms.Mangal’s father stated, “I have lost an intelligent and active daughter because of a family dispute issue…I am asking the government why they could not protect my working daughter and I have lost her. I urge them to protect my other daughters and other women like them who come out of home and serve our society.”

Since the incident, social media users in Afghanistan have been spreading news about the levels of violence against women in the country. “#Farkhunda was burned to death, #BabyMahsa was kidnapped, raped & killed, #BibiAyesha’s nose was cut, #Womengotstoned and today #MinaMangal shot 9 times. All these crimes took place mainly during the day & mainly in the green zone capital city of #Kabul. #StopKillingWomen,”Shagufa Noorzai tweeted. These users have taken note that most high-profile violent crimes against women are in busy areas like Kabul and other places with high security. Women’s rights activist Wazhma Frogh said, “A woman has been killed in daylight because a man thought she deserved to be killed.”

Everyone speaking out is saying that there must be more protection for women and journalists in the country. “So sad to hear, journalist & advisor to the Parliament #MinaMangal was assassinated today in Kabul by an unknown person. She was a strong self-made woman; RIP #Mina. She isn’t the first and won’t be the last lost (unfortunately). Serious protection 4 female journalists! Is what we need,” Zalma Kharooti said on Twitter. These issues for women have been going on for years, and should finally be brought to attention.