Zoic: a murmured whisper


(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

Maya Lynn

whisper to me how you love me, my dear.

won’t you tell me how you care?

tell me that you really want this, my love,

that’s the only way that this is fair.


i ask only for a small favor, my heart.

won’t you tell me you’re committed?

for until i encountered you, my king,

i had never been this damn smitten.


in the interest of time, i must ask you, my joy,

will you entrust me with your heart?

for i intend to give you mine, my rock,

don’t use it as practice for darts.


just tell me softly that you want me, my dream

tell me what you’re willing to give,

for with you, i am rather certain, mon cœur,

i could learn what love truly is.


just pull me closer to your heart, my light,

whisper to me sweetly, “you’re mine.”

caress me as you softly murmur “good night,”

that’s how i’ll know that we’ll be fine.


-maya lynn