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Zoic: to behold, to be held

January 16, 2020

you may be imperfect, impatient, insatiable, insistent entitled, persistent, but, o my love, let me ask you this: what are you more of than mine? mine to behold, mine to be held by...

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

Zoic: conditional love

November 22, 2019

teach me kindness, teach me love; try to touch it, keep me gloved. you wonder why i won’t look your way; you don’t deserve the light of day.   cut the rose before it blooms, strike...

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

Zoic: muddled heart

November 12, 2019

you filled a void i didn’t know i had. i didn’t know i needed you so bad. i don’t even know what i want right now; to be friends? or into love, should i plow? perhaps whichever direction...

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

Zoic: her darling dove

October 17, 2019

born of righteous, proper love, raised to emerge as a dove. her truest self tucked down below, he hates her and he doesn’t know.   the blade plunged deeper into skin, she didn’t...

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

Zoic: a plea into the night

October 8, 2019

alone, she trekked, thoughts weighing down on her mind she demanded into the night “would you please be kind enough to tell me my purpose?” the night said nothing as it often does, so she...

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

Zoic: a murmured whisper

September 30, 2019

whisper to me how you love me, my dear. won’t you tell me how you care? tell me that you really want this, my love, that’s the only way that this is fair.   i ask only for a small...

Zoic: mon être, cest pas le mien

Zoic: mon être, c’est pas le mien

September 16, 2019

french mon être, maintenant, c’est pas le mien. dis-moi la raison pour laquelle tu viens. et dis-moi la raison pour laquelle je suis si conciliante avec les mots que tu dis. dis-moi la...

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