muddled heart

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muddled heart

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

Maya Lynn

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you filled a void i didn’t know i had.

i didn’t know i needed you so bad.

i don’t even know what i want right now;

to be friends? or into love, should i plow?

perhaps whichever direction the river bends,

i will not so much as be disheartened.

my dear, it’s what you want that i will choose..

you’re not someone that i would like to lose,

but you go against all that i thought i knew?

when i met you, i think that my heart flew..

higher than it ever did before (at least.)

but what do you want from me, mon amour?

whatever is your desire,

i will aspire to acquire, 

even if this turns out dire,

i’ll be happy to admire.. 

from afar.


-maya lynn