Zoic: a plea into the night


(Photo: Charlotte Edey)

Maya Lynn

alone, she trekked, thoughts weighing down on her mind

she demanded into the night

“would you please be kind enough to tell me my purpose?”

the night said nothing as it often does,

so she continued.

“perpetually in a state of confusion, I find myself..

as i seem to be passionate about most all the wrong things 

and unequivocally unclear as to what i’m meant to do.”

she sat down, amongst the blades of grass, and chirping crickets.

“is someone surreptitiously viewing my quotidian actions and chortling haughtily!?”

she distantly heard a squirrel laugh at her question.

“i feel as if for others, it’s rather facile to go about discovering one’s vehemences..

and on an entirely unrelated note, i miss dearly the experience of making myself appear comely..

and being also the recipient of affirmation from a desired donor for my actions to make myself appear this way.”

now amongst the night noises was the sound of her quiet sobs.

“and now, i am reduced to sending myself off to sleep without so much as a finger lifted to my insurmountable workload, as i am much too exhausted to give to it my all.

without so much as a hand to caress me tenderly, if only to rub my shoulder and tell me it’ll all be alright.

i’m sure that if it were to be alright, i’d have a received a sign by now.”, she sighed.

she struggled to slowly raise to her feet on trembling legs,

the rocks having dug like daggers into her thighs.

the blood flowed down her calves, onto her feet and into the dirt.

she felt no pain, as it was all she knew.

she reached into her nightgown for the dagger she’d brought along,

and into the obscurity, she vanished.


-maya lynn