Zoic: A Glance in the Mirror


Miguel Alves

Mirror, Mirror,

In my room:

Who’s this eerie

Face of gloom?

With empty eyes so sunken

And a cruel, deceiving grin,

He’s the face of anarchy

When my weaker side gives in.

He whispers evils in my ear

Disguised as kind advice;

He paints pictures he knows turn me

A shade of green so nice.

Mirror, Mirror,

Hear my plea:

Lock him up

And set me free.

For everything I fear I am

Is everything he is;

The more she looks into my eyes,

The more that she’ll see his.

She’ll run away from me in fear

Of everything he’s done —

All the while, my lack of tears

Reminds me that he’s won.

Mirror, Mirror,

Such disgrace,

All I see now

Is my face.