The Conspiracy Palette

(Photo: Shane Dawson, from

Kaya Squirewell

The YouTubers Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, with a combined 39 million subscribers, partnered up with Morphe to create and release their makeup collaboration. Shane Dawson collabed with Jeffree Star for a new multi-part documentary series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. It was originally teased as a behind the scenes look into YouTube’s beauty world. Instead, the series shows Dawson and Star as they team up to create a palette together. After four episodes of Dawson’s documentary series, viewers saw the process and business behind creating a makeup product. According to the “The 20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star,” episode of the series, the official release date for Shane Dawson’s makeup line was November 1st, 2019. It’s named “Conspiracy” in reference to Dawson’s past work. 

The 18-shade palette is selling for $52 and the mini nine-shade palette is selling for $28. They will also sell a $90 bundle of six lipsticks. Fans who want the entire collection, which also includes lip gloss, lip balm, and a bag, can get it in a package for $210. “Their “Conspiracy” palette could generate $17.5 million through in-store revenue sales and another $17.5 million on Star’s website,” according to the executives of Morphe. As soon as the makeup products were available on Jefree’s website, the fans almost immediately crashed the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website. A few hours later, the website was up and running again so people were able to purchase things. Later that day, the products on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website were all sold out. “I’ve never sold out of anything before in my life. Thank you guys for being so supportive today. I’m crying and in total shock. Thank you, Jeffree, for helping me think more of myself this year. I love you so much,” Shane Dawson tweeted. 

Despite having zero previous experience with makeup, Dawson’s fans were still eager to try his first makeup pallet. Before working with Star, he never seriously wore makeup and became confident in his ability to apply it. He wanted to make sure his conspiracy collection would have high-quality shades that can create a variety of looks. Fans began to tweet and share their love for his products

One of the first products created was a liquid lipstick, in the shade “Shane.” There are five other liquid lipsticks available in this collection. The titles of the six shades are: “Shane,” “Oh My God,” “I Gotta Go,” “Ryland, and” “Are You Filming?” Along with his lipsticks, he’s selling his handheld mirrors in the shape of a pig face. He also created a clear lip gloss, “Shane Glossin’.” Additionally, there’s a small eye shadow palette with nine shades named “The Mini Controversy Palette.” The biggest piece of this makeup collection is an eye shadow palette comprised of 18 shades. This larger eye shadow palette, The Conspiracy Palette, has shades that have Shane inspired names, including “My Pills,” “Ranch,” “Flaming Hot,” and “Just A Theory.” Since everything is sold out, Jeffree Star said that the Conspiracy Collection will most likely not restock until 2020.