tucker carlson

   The Fall Off Of   Tucker Carlson

“Die as a hero, or live long enough to become a villain” is basically what this whole story is in a quote. But, let me not get ahead of myself and start this story from the beginning.


We’ll begin with a background check; Tucker Carlson is a political commentator who had his very own show on Fox News called Tucker Carlson Tonight. He is known for his very biased and outlandish takes on modern problems in the political world. But, he didn’t used to be known as a “daily caller troll”.


In his early years he actually used to be a “conservative” writer, only writing for the sole purpose of informing the world on what’s going on with politics. He started off his career with print journalism after graduating from trinity college in 1991. He did this writing gig for about nine years until 2000, where he found his first broadcast gig. With this new role, he began tosee growth in popularity.


As his popularity increased, he noticed that the more insane the opinion he made, the more views and attention it brought to him, and that means more money in his pocket when he looks at his bank account. So as time went on, he said more and more wild things, and was on the verge of ignorance just to get more money. But, this wasn’t the reason he got fired, the company he worked for actually enjoyed it.  He was commonly referred to as Fox’s “Golden Boy.”


The real reason he got fired was because of the court case he was associated with. The Dominion trials,  Tucker had a big role in, is the reason he got fired. Tucker was fired days after the trials had ended because of his role in telling false information,  fraud, and racist comments. 


To sum up how the trial went, Dominion,a company that helps with the voting elections count, sued them for spreading false information and having their name attached to it. This damaged their reputation in the political community and most people deeming the “untrustworthy”. They settled this by making fox news pay them 787.5 million dollars, Fox agreed in hopes that they could try to push this behind them.


Days after the settlement was agreed upon, Fox’s Golden boy found himself looking for a new job. After the world found out he was fired, Fox’s company’s evaluation dropped a good amount of money, and now without their number one reporter they have to find someone who can fill the shoes of Tucker Carlson.   Tucker will probably do fine in the long run seeing that multiple Broadcast/tv programs have already offered him big time contracts.


While Fox makes an effort to put this behind them, Tucker doesn’t want to move on from this topic as fast. He is currently making a plan. We don’t know what the plan is, but we do know this won’t be the last time we see his name on top of the headlines.