Theatre Centreville’s One Acts


(Photo: Caroline Jareb)

Miguel Alves, Editor

You free this weekend? Theatre Centreville is putting on their One Acts on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7. These annual performances not only showcase the talent of the student cast and crew, but also utilize student directors. 

The student directed one-act plays are just another way that Centreville High School’s theatre department expresses their creativity and talent. They also allow the students to work with material that may be less familiar to the audience and propose the unique challenge of garnering their attention in just one act. This is different from their usual performances, which typically consist of a sole, multi-act show that is the combined effort of everyone involved; on the contrary, the One Acts are smaller, separate performances, each with its own special cast and student director.

According to theatre teacher Mr. Hudson, the One Acts began in the spring of 1990 and have occurred every year since then. The directors are students who currently take Theatre Arts 4, but any student at Centreville may audition to perform; auditions typically open up sometime in December or early January.

Though anyone can audition, it takes a level of commitment to participate in the One Acts, as well as a relatively free schedule; rehearsals are twice a week, every week, until opening night. Despite the hard work, Hudson is on record stating his enthusiasm for the performances.

“I have always enjoyed observing the creative process as directed by students,” Hudson wrote to the Sentinel, saying that the One Acts are “a tremendous learning process for everyone involved.”

This year’s program includes four separate one-act plays: Selfie directed by Kendall Claar, The Auditioners directed by Aswathi Menon, Sure Thing directed by Jules Hoffman, and A Game directed by Savannah Lagana.

The directors, actors, and crew are all working hard to provide the best possible experience for Centreville High School. If you have a night off, go see the One Acts. Bring family, friends, or a significant other, and enjoy the show.